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How to Have Money and Time to Enjoy Your Life

My parents told me to...

get a good education and I will be on Easy Street. 

Although I really loved sports and music, I end up studying Electrical Engineering. I was good in math, but I was not fascinated with electronics. I was told, however, that it was a good profession for making money.

When I graduated and looked for possible job offers, I was not happy. The jobs were boring and the money was not there, at least not in Poland where I was living at that time.

On top of that, to become successful it was almost a must to join a communistic party, and I really did not want to do that.

My journey as an emigrant

I decided to leave. I decided to come to my dream country, the USA, but unfortunately the Polish government did not want to issue me a passport. It was a communistic regime and it was very difficult to leave, but I was determined.

I did not take “NO” for an answer.

 I applied and reapplied and reapplied again and again.

Finally, one day I received permission to leave for Finland for 2 months.

The same day, I packed my back pack and a bicycle and left. I was 23 years old and I had only $10 in my pocket.

Finland became my second home country

In Helsinki, I signed up for a PhD program to be able to legally stay in Finland. If I would have just escaped, my family in Poland would have been punished.

I started my studies and worked as an engineer. It was the most boring job I ever had. I was placed in a cubicle and I hardly had any time for fun. I was counting the minutes I had to stay there. I did not like my job, I did not like not to be able to see any sun and not to have any free time, but I was making money and it was a price to pay for my freedom.

On the other hand, I liked my studies, because it was more intellectual and theoretical. Since I did a very good job after I graduated ...

I was invited to USA to teach at the university.

 I also got married and my son was born. I was great at solving the problems and in math, so my career was developing very fast, but I was working a lot and I seldom had time for my son.

After a few years I was invited to teach at UCLA. At that time, I was the only female professor in entire School of Engineering. It was very competitive. We worked a lot.

Other professors had wives at home who took care of their kids, but I was a single mother and my house keeper Sanna was taking care of my son.

I was very career oriented and I thought that is OK. That this is what I should be doing.

I had very little free time for my son, ...

 until one day, that had changed my life forever.

I was living on the UCLA campus in one of the faculty apartments. I needed to work late as usual, but I wanted to see my son who was 4 years old at that time. I asked Sanna to bring him to one of the cafes on the campus for ice cream.

After we finished I asked Sanna to put him to sleep, but my son looked at me with big tears in his beautiful blue eyes and said:

Mom, I would like you to read me a story, not Sanna”.

My heart was broken, because I could not. I had to go back to my office to finish my work, but this day transformed me and my life forever.

I realized that my life does not make sense. I had no idea why we are in such a hurry. Why we need to work that hard? Why we do not have time for our kids and our families?

I still wanted to have my career and my money, but I also wanted to have time for my family.

I decided I needed to do something about it. It took me a year if thinking, reading and contemplating.... and

I decided to start a Network Marketing business.

I was told that I need to find 6 like-minded people and they need to find 6 …and my business will be built.

I thought it will be easy.

Who would not like to become financially free by changing the way they shop, right?

I found out that it is very difficult to find the like-minded people who would like to work for their freedom.

I remember when I invited several people to an opportunity meeting, hired a baby sitter, went full of hope and anticipation … 

nobody showed up.

But they told me they wanted to become financially free? What had happened?

One day I flew from Warsaw to Vienna for a meeting that nobody showed up.

I spent a lot of time and money and I was never home with my family and my son was growing up without me!!!

Whatever I built was falling apart, because I was not able to help my people to find their like-minded people.

I was frustrated, exhausted, and burnt out, but I have learned a lot.

I learned a lot from my mistakes how to choose the right opportunity, right products, right timing and right company to increase a probability of my success. It was very beneficial for me in the future.

In a mean time decided to take a break from that business and I looked for another type of business that could lead to a passive income. I started my Real Estate investing business. I took some courses, started and I succeeded. I created a corporate rental business that was very profitable until…2008 crash.

I lost a lot of money, I was devastated. I look for a help from lawyers, but they took my money and did not help at all. A lot of businesses in Florida were closing. The mall looked like a deserted city. It was very depressing. The only thing I could do is to pray and to hope this nightmare will finish soon. I lost everything I was working for all my life, but I did not lose my spirit and my hope.

I started all over again and after a few years I became profitable again.

And again, I have learned a lot from my mistakes.

The knowledge is power.

Now, the time was passing and we are starting to age. My husband started to have problems with his shoulder and the doctors told him that he has only two solutions, either to have a total reverse joint replacement or he will have to live in discomfort to the end of his life.

Fortunately, we found a third solution – a natural product that eliminated his discomfort and helped me to feel and look much younger and more energetic.

I shared these results with my friends and when they had great results, they shared it with their friends and I found myself building a network marketing business all over again.

I applied the knowledge that I have learned working on my first businesses and in 2 years I have built a 6-figure income.

The only problem was that I was never home. Almost every evening I was somewhere doing meetings, traveling to NY and Chicago, doing trade-shows, going for meetups and networking events and talking to a lot of people every occasion I had. I knew there must a be a better way.

I decided to learn how to use the power of Internet to build my business.

It was not easy.  I had to learn a new skill. It is like learning a new profession. I joined a training and mentoring company and started to learn their step-by step process to social media recruiting.

When I started to use it, people started to contact me inquiring about the product and the business. This was a BIG AHA moment for me.

I could finally build my business from home, be with my family and help others to do the same.

I can help my people to find prospects without parties, traveling and leaving their family every evening.

I have started my journey by getting his 10-day Bootcamp.

It is excellent, but was is even more important I got a coach to guide me through the implementation. It was priceless...

If you’re ready to get started now with building your business using “attraction marketing,” I’d like to invite you to sign up for a FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp, where you’ll gain the knowledge to create an automated selling and prospecting system to attract highly-interested prospects to your product or opportunity online.

Let me know how it worked for you. We can celebrate YOUR SUCCESS together. 


Dr. Grazyna Pajunen


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Dr. Pajunen has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and worked as a teacher while doing research at a university for 25 years. She liked the work but understood that to become financially independent she needed to work on developing a passive income. In 2004, Dr. Pajunen started her real estate investment business. She made money on each of the renovation projects, but there was always a risk. In 2010, she started a Social Networking business. It was at this time her husband had big discomfort in his shoulder due to his football career. The doctors gave him two possible solutions: the total reverse joint replacement or to live with discomfort to the end of his life. Instead, they found a third solution–a 100% natural product that released all discomfort and restored mobility in his shoulder. And as a side effect, it made him look much younger. This was a great opportunity for Dr. Pajunen to develop a business had the potential of a great residual income with much less risk than a real estate investment business. She has reached one of the highest levels of the company in just 2 years and she is a big advocate of building this business using Internet Marketing.

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