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How to Build a Network Marketing Business from Home without Sacrificing Time with Your Kids

Would you like to learn how to build a successful network marketing business without abandoning your kids?

If you’re sick and tired of prospecting your friends and family, doing home meetings, cold calling, chasing after everyone you meet, and being away from home and your kids every evening...

Then you are probably ready to build your network marketing business online.

And, guess what, some of your older kids would love to learn it to. Most of them have great computer skils and.. they love make some extra money. They will be able to help.

I was very sceptical at first. I could not believe that people will really call me and ask about my product and business opportunity. But it really happened and today I have many clients and even business builders attracted through the Internet.

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What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is any strategy that makes you the hunted instead of a hunter.

This doesn’t even need to be online.

It’s anytime you’re attracting versus chasing.

Where you focus on solving your target market’s problems and you become specifically known for helping people solve certain types of challenges, whether those are financial, health, or anything else.

And you build credibility by creating positive results in people’s lives.

A little bit about me....

   I have build a successful 6-figure network marketing business. I am invited to speak on the stage. Many people admire my success, but they do not see the sacrifices.

I have worked hard all my life. I was born in Poland. I have earned a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering. I was invited to USA to teach at the university when my son was just 9 months old. Two years later I was invited to teach at UCLA… I was the only female professor in entire school of Engineering….it is a dream come true for many people.

It was also my dream… until one day when I realized that I have no time for my small son whom I loved so much

I saw how he suffered when I was leaving for work and even when I came back home, and I still had to prepare for the next day and deal with a lot of deadlines.

I saw his tears when I was not able to read him a book in the evening.

My heart was broken when I called him from the conferences. He was so sad that I was not there with him. He often asked me how many nights he still needs to be alone, without me. I was also missing him a lot.

I was not making a lot of money either and I did not see a way to start making much more in the near future.

 I realized that this is not the life I wanted. I started to look for a way out…

I decided to build a network marketing business.

I was looking for more money to cover my desired lifestyle and more time to enjoy life with my son.

I thought I will build it fast and then ... I will be on the "Easy Street"...

I would be FREE. I could spend time with my son. I could go skiing to the best resorts each year. I could send my son to the best schools… and never worry about my bills or money ….

It took many years of prospecting, home meetings, trade shows, networking events and hard work to finally build a succesful 6-figure business.

It provided me a time freedom and a joy of helping others achieve their wellness and financial goals.


Knowing that the Internet and technology is the future of any industry, I started to look for a better, simpler way to build this business.

I knew that the game of network marketing business is changing and everyone must level up. If we wait for something to be widely accepted we will be probably too late.

If you want newtork marketing to be a profession, you must treat it and respect it like other professions in the business world, which are in constant state of innovation and improvement.

I wanted to help others to build a professional, MODERN newtork marketing business.

I wanted to use Social Media and Digital Marketing techniques.

It could help others to build this business much easier and much faster and FROM HOME

Mothers and fathers can spend time with their kids and build a large, successful  network marketing business at the same time.

I knew that digital marketing is very powerful, but it is not easy.

We needed a system.

We needed a training, roadmap to success and a mentoring.

There are a lot of books and courses available and I tried to learn it by myself, but I was not successful.

I was lucky to find a training and mentoring company that developed an excellent and proven system for marketing online.

I started to apply it. I had a coach to guide me through my stubling blogs. It all started to produce results.

You do not have to be very "techie" to succeed, you just need to be able to follow a proven system.

If you are ready to get ahead of the curve and become a leader who's willing to modernize their business, then simply click here and I'll gladly give you access to our Online Marketing Blueprint.

  • You could stop prospecting and enjoy time with your kids and your family.
  • You can generate fresh, qualified leads from wherever (and whenever) you please
  • You could finally build your home business from home.

This means that you will not have  to actively prospect people offline or online

The interested people will call YOU to find out what you have to offer.

And how you can help them build their business form home easier and faster.

They will call you to buy your product, and even ask how to get involved in your business.

I was astonished when saw how well this system works.

  •  We started to learn how to market successfully.
  • We were guided and mentored by highly qualified coaches. 

Those coaches have already built their 6 or 7-figure incomes using the very methods they were teaching us.

When your kids learn these techniques, they will never be hungry.

We are pioneers, we change this industry for better and we can help many people to succeed.

Does this sound interesting?

Well, what’s great is that you can  start testing this system for free.

  • This program is going to take you step-by-step through getting started with an online business that can help you reach all your financial goals.
  • If you already have a product or service, you want to sell and you’re looking for the absolute fastest way to launch a profitable business around your passion…This program can help you.
  • If you don’t yet have a business and you want to earn hundreds, thousands or even ten thousand of dollars per month…This program can help you as wel
  • If you are looking for the “short-cut” to success, this is as short as it gets.

Whenever your goal is 

  • To make a couple thousand dollars per month…
  • Or it’s to replace your income at your job so you can quit and spend more time with family or doing what you want…
  • Or, if your goal is to travel the world and have a business that allows you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world…
  • Or, maybe you’re someone who wants to create a 6-figure income in your spare time…

Whatever the case, this program is something that really works.

You'll even get a mentoring session with me. 

I'll explain how the system works and how it can help you move forward in your business!

Are you ready?

The road to success starts with a first step in the right direction...

Go ahead and click on the link below and let’s get started.

Feel free to share it with your friends if you got value from this post.

To Your Success,

                                 Grazyna Pajunen, Ph.D.

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Dr. Pajunen has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and worked as a teacher while doing research at a university for 25 years. She liked the work but understood that to become financially independent she needed to work on developing a passive income. In 2004, Dr. Pajunen started her real estate investment business. She made money on each of the renovation projects, but there was always a risk. In 2010, she started a Social Networking business. It was at this time her husband had big discomfort in his shoulder due to his football career. The doctors gave him two possible solutions: the total reverse joint replacement or to live with discomfort to the end of his life. Instead, they found a third solution–a 100% natural product that released all discomfort and restored mobility in his shoulder. And as a side effect, it made him look much younger. This was a great opportunity for Dr. Pajunen to develop a business had the potential of a great residual income with much less risk than a real estate investment business. She has reached one of the highest levels of the company in just 2 years and she is a big advocate of building this business using Internet Marketing.