From Professor to 6-Figure Earner in Home Business – Success with Grazyna

From Professor to 6-Figure Earner in Home Business

I was born in Warsaw, Poland. I have Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and I was invited to the USA to teach at University. I was also a Real Estate investor when I was introduced to a concept of Network Marketing. Using this concept I was able to build a six-figure business.

In this video, I was interviewed by Ferny Ceballos.Ferny has graduated from MIT, built very successful Network Marketing business and became one of the best lead generation and marketing specialist and a founder of Elite Marketing Pro.

I explain why I decided to build this business, how I have overcome many obstacles that I have never expected, and what was the major factor that helped me to build a six-figure business in just over 2 years.

I am now trying to help my group to build their businesses and the common problem that we all have is … we all need interested people to talk to. We tried different meetups, home meetings, driving to meet some prospects who sometimes do not even show up, talk to strangers and got a lot of rejections.

Recently, I started to work with this amazing training and mentoring company Elite Marketing Pro that is helping us adding Intenet Marketing aspect to our businesses. Finally, we can work on our home businesses from home and have interested prospects calling us instead of us trying to find them.

It is much easier to achieve success because we can focus on people who really want to work and the results are better and faster.

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I also need your help.

I would like to know if this interview has helped you in any way. Let me know. I would appreciate it.

Here is a transcript of the interview:

Ferny: Grazyna has an incredible background from a very prestigious career in academia and engineering and University professor to network marketing 6 figure earner and I wanted to bring her on to share her story as to how it is she got there, especially given the fact that she already had an incredible and very successful career, and what made her make that switch.

But before we get started with our interview here I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. My name is Ferny Ceballos and I am a lead generation and marketing expert specializing in helping home business owners and network marketers, affiliate marketers, and direct sellers multiply their incomes using the Internet.

I did my first six figure network marketing business within a couple of years of discovering the information we teach at Elite Marketing Pro and over the past 10 years I've been personally responsible for over $13 billion in gross income into my own businesses and I've helped many clients produce hundreds of millions of dollars collectively in their businesses as well.

So what we do and teach works and has worked for the past 10 years and I'm so glad that I have are people like Grazyna and other six-figure earners and leaders in the industry who are taking building online so seriously and that we're going to talk a little bit about that but we're also going to talk a little bit more extensively about Grazyna's background because I think any time you want to get somewhere it's probably the best thing you can do is ask somebody how they got there so that you can do what they do or you get what they got.

How are you doing Grazyna?. Are you ready to rock it today?

Grazyna: Yes. I am ready. First, I want to thank you very much for inviting me to be with you and everybody else today. I hope that what I say might inspire somebody to really build this business utilizing the Internet because I believe that's the future of our industry. I'll start with a short introduction to my story.

I was born in Poland in Warsaw. I got my master's degree in electrical engineering. I got my Ph.D. in Helsinki in Finland. This was the only country that our government, at that time, let me go for a short period of time. And then I was invited to the United States to teach at a university. I was teaching and doing research for 25 years and I was collaborating with the top universities in this country. I loved what I was doing but the money was not there. I could not see myself developing financial freedom by teaching at the university.

I was looking. I was looking for a business. I knew that if I focus on something I will achieve it. And then somebody introduced me to my first company. I haven't even heard about network marketing business at that time. They just showed me the business plan and it made perfect sense. I started working on it but I at the beginning I have done all the mistakes possible. I have achieved some success, mainly international. I was a pretty high level at that time in Poland and in Europe, but I was not able to continue to travel. I decided to stop my network marketing business and to start a real estate investment business.

I achieved success in this business, although 2008 crash was painful I was able to recover. And then, just by accident, I found myself again exposed to the network marketing business because of the product. My husband had a problem with his shoulders. He was not able to lift his arm without a help of another arm. The doctors told him that the only solution would be the total reversal joint replacement. However, because of that product that he took, he could avoid it. So that really fascinated me and I started studying this product and sharing it with others.

I believed in this product that much that I could develop six figure incomes with that company. I became, however, very aware of the fact that if I really wanted to build a good global business I needed to develop it using Internet Marketing. I still believe that this is the best way to build this business and this is the wave of the future.

I started studying Internet Marketing and it was not easy. I found the Elite Marketing Pro already in 2013 and I implemented the system and started getting results. However, the company at that time was not open for marketing online and I had to discontinue. Nowadays everything has changed and I am extremely happy to be able to start working again with Elite Marketing Pro to develop my business online.

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Ferny: Grazyna, you went from a prestigious professional in academia, a professor working on multiple types of research. I think I read in your bio you have 15 patents on different things working with Motorola and so on. So, you have from what everybody else perceives an incredible and successful career but you're not fulfilled. And most importantly you're not making the money that you were hoping to make and certainly not anything that's going to provide you financial freedom.

But as you transition to this, as you transition to focusing and getting serious about network marketing, did you experience a lot of negativity from your friends, family, and colleagues and if you did, how did you handle that? Because I know from my experience I had a lot of very smart people telling me that I was crazy.

Grazyna: When I was teaching at a university I was one of the first people to get an NSF grant and this was very prestigious. I was invited to teach at UCLA which was very prestigious. I was the only woman professor in the building of engineering. It was fun. And especially being a woman and coming from Poland. I was very serious about my research. I was very serious about what I was doing that I would do that the best work possible. I received professional recognition. I was an invited speaker at many universities on my research topic which adaptive control systems and I loved it.

At the same time, I had something in me that I wanted a real freedom. I don't want any boss. I don't want anyone to tell me what to do. I just wanted to have that. That's the reason why I left Poland, but I couldn't get it even from academia. So, I was searching. When I found the network marketing business I was working at Motorola at that time, and they offered me a position to set up a control engineering laboratory for them but I chose network marketing instead.

I was sitting on the Motorola parking lot and listened to the tapes and listened to the stories of people who achieved that freedom which I would dream about. I knew that if I focus I can achieve it too. Yes. When I started sharing that with my colleagues they were saying "Oh, Grazyna, you are a real researcher. Why are you doing that? You don't need to do it. You earned a tenure. You have a secure job to the end of your life." I don't know how secure it is but anyhow that's the definition of tenure.

I did not have to do it. I just loved to do it. My colleges sometimes were laughing at me and they said that I will be back. They didn't believe that I can do it. Some of my friends told me to ask so-and-so because that person had tried to build this business many years ago and had failed. I could not understand why should I ask this person since he has not achieved anything in his life. I would rather ask somebody who achieved something. And I can follow those people who already have achieved what I want to achieve. And this means FREEDOM.

I always believed in myself and my friends new it. I still was working successfully at my job. I still was doing research and publishing papers. I still was doing what I was supposed to do. I believed in me and nobody could really tell me that I couldn't do what I wanted to do and that I couldn't achieve what I wanted to achieve. People were telling me that I should become a consultant or set up an engineering company since I have a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. And my answer was "No" because I wanted to do what I wanted to.

Ferny: All that's great. You know at first, it's hard to hear a lot of negativity from people, especially people you respect. But I mean that's exactly why, you know, I push through and I chose to choose better advice which is my own, my gut feeling that I needed to do what I needed to do to achieve financial freedom and I think the rule of thumb I used whenever somebody was critical of what I was doing is if they are offering me a better opportunity or are they just being cynical and critical. Because usually critics will not offer you a different opportunity or tell you to choose a different path.

I can respect somebody who gives me advice. Why don't you do this instead? You said some of your colleagues did that but most people you'll find don't tell that. They just want to shoot down whatever it is you're doing. You know the act from ignorance and never really give you anything else to do as an alternative for achieving your goals. So, I hope this is a huge mindset shift for a lot of people here.

Grazyna, what for you so obviously mindset was not an issue. You know too much I'm sure you had your doubts here in there but what would you say is the biggest factor in you achieving the success you have so far in network marketing as a six-figure earner.

Grazyna: I focus on helping others. I focus on finding the people whom I like. And we are working together on a project and we're just working together towards our common goal. I didn't focus on money. I never did, but I focus on finding out how I can help others.

Every single day I ask myself whom I can help today. And, somehow, my people got the same idea. And I have people in my group also say, "Who can I help today?". And this way in little over one year I got my car and in little, over two years I got six figure income just based on those simple questions and believing in yourself.

Believe in what you want to do and don't let anybody else tell you who you supposed to be and what you supposed to do. Everybody has their own life path. So that was basically the most important thing - whom can I help today.

Ferny: That's perfect that that's what we do in marketing. I do not know if you noticed this but our good marketing focuses on other people's problems, other people's issues that you want to help them with, and other people's desires.

In marketing, we don't talk about ourselves we don't talk about our company. Our ad doesn't say join a billion-dollar company because no one cares. What people care about is what's going on in their life. And so beautiful that you say that because whether you're doing offline or online what works is focusing on helping other people with their issues or achieving their desired outcome. I think it will get people much farther than focusing on how broke you are and need to recruit the next person to pay your bills or whatever it is. So beautiful.

Ferny: So final question because you recently came back to Elite Marketing Pro. You talked about your company back then wasn't supportive of you doing it online, and we've talked a lot about that actually, but your company that you've been with recently got bought by another company and they actually not only allow you to build it online but they actually are very supportive.

That's how the majority of their leadership team has built their businesses using online recruiting strategies so out of all the options available right now to you, Grazyna, you had good results in the past, what has brought you back to Elite Marketing Pro especially you recently became a mentorships student and you went straight to the top. You're going to hit it hard and we're personally going to be working with you. What made you make that decision to come back to the Elite Marketing Pro and to continue to work with us towards building your business online?

Grazyna: I was considering many ways how to move this business online and I tell you that's what you are doing is remarkable. The program is well organized. Courses are fantastic. I really needed some system to help my people to move their businesses online. Everything is structured so well.

If anybody would follow step by step the method that you have created they could achieve success. If I would do the try and error method, it could be very expensive and it could take forever. I would waste a lot of money and waste a lot of time and time is the biggest commodity that we have. So, according to my opinion, it is a short cut. Having everything organized and having the working system to follow on how to build this business online is phenomenal. And that is the reason why I'm doing this.

Ferny: I really appreciate that and appreciate your trust. You came back to us after a couple of years now that you basically have the freedom to do so.

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It’s not only recruiting course it shows you exactly our process for building businesses online. I want to make something clear because I'm critical of people that are dogmatic and so I admire and respect people that are in network marketing businesses whether online or offline, it doesn't matter, because I know what it took to be successful and Grazyna gave you a clue as to how it is she created success and really that the mindset and the approach was not different. The only thing that was different really is the medium. And so, I'm critical of people that are dogmatic and say there's only one way to do it because that's clearly not the case.

And so if you guys want to learn more about what we do here at EMP go to:


Ferny: And I think Grazyna, as an engineer and Professor, understands the value of efficiency and the value of saving time. So, if what you're doing already is working great, then just do it. But I I suggest that you consider using more efficient ways to build it as well.

Grazyna thank you so much for being on. If you found this interview helpful drop me a note. Let me know that you found this inspiring and helpful for you. Grazyna, any last words of encouragement or anything else you wanted to say before we log off.

Grazyna: I just want to thank you so much for having me on this show and I would like to wish everybody success and, you are right, I would build it offline and it did work and we can do it online as well. So, don't do it one way or the other way but use anything that works. It will work. It's just a matter of time. It will work. If you do not give up it will work. Thank you very much.

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Dr. Pajunen has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and worked as a teacher while doing research at a university for 25 years. She liked the work but understood that to become financially independent she needed to work on developing a passive income. In 2004, Dr. Pajunen started her real estate investment business. She made money on each of the renovation projects, but there was always a risk. In 2010, she started a Social Networking business. It was at this time her husband had big discomfort in his shoulder due to his football career. The doctors gave him two possible solutions: the total reverse joint replacement or to live with discomfort to the end of his life. Instead, they found a third solution–a 100% natural product that released all discomfort and restored mobility in his shoulder. And as a side effect, it made him look much younger. This was a great opportunity for Dr. Pajunen to develop a business had the potential of a great residual income with much less risk than a real estate investment business. She has reached one of the highest levels of the company in just 2 years and she is a big advocate of building this business using Internet Marketing.

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