About Tony – Success with Grazyna

My name is Tony Pajunen and I'm a certified Health Coach and entrepreneur who lives in Long Island City, New York.  I teach people about using safe, clean products and about the hazards of harmful chemical ingredients they might instead be using in their everyday personal care products and supplements.  I help remove and replace them with effective and affordable alternatives.  I also coach people into better health by guiding them into better nutritional choices that are uniquely specific to each person I encounter.

I started getting interested in nutrition when a friend recommended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to me several years ago. She said it was a great school and that I would learn a lot, and I did. I thought at first they were going to give a list of all the bad foods and all the good foods, and that I would have to only eat foods from the good list... but it didn't turn out that way at all! I learned that nutrition is so much more than that, it has so many more dimensions. Upon graduation, I felt fully ready to go into the world and teach as many people as I could about what nutrition really is and how best to nourish our bodies.

Then, I discovered that my step-father had experienced an amazing recovery from a debilitating shoulder issue from taking a liquid nutraceutical and that the mobility in his arms had completely returned to him because of it. My mother and I became very interested in how he managed to start regaining his range of motion within a few months and began to study this formula in more detail because neither of us had ever heard of it.

Turns out, this supplement was new on the market and had several US and international patents as well as double-blind placebo-controlled independent studies that proved that it was not just a coincidence that my step-father's shoulder had improved. This unique formula could do something that couldn't be done through nutrition alone and that peaked my interest.

At this point, I decided to start teaching people about this patented liquid formula because I realized the impact I could have on people's lives if I were able to share it with them.  It not only improves joints, connective tissue, and skin -- it also trims away dangerous visceral fat around the abdomen and internal organs!

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