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I have done what I supposed to do in my life to achieve success. I got great education – Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering. I was invited to the USA to teach at the university. I earned tenure in Florida that guaranteed my job to the end of my life. I developed successful Real Estate investment business. I was able to make some money, then lose money in 2008 and then make a lot of money again.

I was also involved in Network Marketing business, but I have made too many mistakes to be able to make much money in it. I was struggling for many years and actually gave up on this concept for a while, but I never stopped believing in it.

I got a lot of experience in business while working in all these business ventures and I guess I got prepared for the business I am right now – Social Retail business. I found it by chance – the product called Liquid BioCell has helped my husband to avoid a joint replacement and then it helped a lot of my friends to improve mobility, remove discomfort and improve their skin. We are getting younger instead of older. This was great for me because I am not ready to get old. I have great dreams and goals to achieve and I want to be active and travel the world to the end of my life. I was able to build my Social Retail business to the top level in just 2 years and I have helped several of my friends to achieve success as well.

I know the power of Internet. I also understand how important it is to build a global business that is not depended on the current economy of a given country. The old way of marketing is very slow and inefficient and it is a must to be able to utilize the new ways of marketing and the available technology to be able to succeed.

In 2013 I found a company called the Magnetic Sponsoring and started learning the skills how to market online. I have implemented their system and it started to work. My prospects started to call me. My business started to grow much faster. Unfortunately, at that time my company did not allow us to use our own system and I had to close everything in order to keep my account. Today, everything has changed and we have a green light to build and use Marketing online and those people who do it experience fantastic success.

In my blog, I will focus on different newest marketing techniques to help small business owners to find leads and to build their business from home utilizing the power of Internet and ever evolving technology.

To know more about me and my story you may read a book entitled “Entrepreneur’s Guide to Social Marketing Success”.

Here is my story and my struggles: My struggles in life

I would love to hear your story and help you on your way to the top. Feel free to contact me at 561-350-0096 or GapInvestments@gmail.com.

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Warmly, Grazyna


Entrepreneur's Guide to Social Marketing Success

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